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Vaastu is an ancient science and is hugely popular and global in recent times . It balances the five elements that is earth and air to have the maximum benefit from the place.

What is Vaastu Shastra?

Vaastu is an ancient science and is hugely popular and global in recent times . It balances the five elements that is earth, fire, water, space, and air to have the maximum benefit from the place. Vaastu is a Sanskrit word which is derived from Vasiti ( means Dwelling). It is the science of directions that tells us about the various placements of things and also the structure of the house, hotels, offices, industries etc.

The principle laid down in Vaastu Shastra were formulated keeping in view, the cosmic influence of the Sun, its light and heat, solar energy, directions of wind, the moon position, the earth's magnetic field and the influence of cosmos on our planet. These energies can be balanced to enhance peace, prosperity and success. If a house is made according to these principles, the inmates enjoy all the happiness in life. If it is against Vaastu principals, it may give negative results.

It is a traditional theory of architecture that guides the design and construction of building in harmony with the natural laws of the universe

Vaastu is the need and part of today’s successful life and should not be ignored.

Vaastu is “Balancing Energy : Balancing Life”

To immediately tap the expertise of a professional Vaastu Consultant

Why go for Vastu Shastra ?

Vaastu Shastra says that if the structure of your house is so designed that the positive forces over ride the negative forces then there is a beneficial release of positive energy, which helps you and your family members to live a happy and healthy life.
This science is complete in itself. Happiness to the whole world it can bring all the four benefits it bestows on you rightful living, money, fulfilment of desires and bliss are all available in this world itself.
For peace, happiness, health and wealth one should abide by the guidelines of Vaastu while building a dwelling. It tells us how to avoid diseases, depression and disasters by living in structures, which allow the presence of a positive cosmic field.

When to Approach for Vaastu Services?

We provide complete Vaastu Consultation for your proposed as well as existing properties. We are pleased to offer to you both online and on-site options for consultancy. We assist you with any of your Vaastu applications.

Some of the Available Consultancy Services -

Commercial Vaastu Planning:

Offices, Banks, Offices, Meeting Places, Shops, Showrooms, Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Recreation Clubs etc.
Contact our Vaastu consultants for any other service.

Our Vaastu Consultant

We have a team of expert professional Vaastu consultant who have immense experience and knowledge. They are reputed Vaastu consultants and their work has given clients immense consistent benefits as they give practical and realistic advice. The best part is our Vaastu consultant are not a traditional Vaastu sastra but hold qualification of “Diploma in Vedic Vaastu” and have huge experience as they are practicing Vaastu for many years.

Some of the corporate clients serviced by our Vaastu consultant are-


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Our fees structure

Initial Consultancy before buying a new property

Rs 2000/- per layout

Select best and seek a Vaastu opinion before signing a paper and buying the property. Get it assessed to find out what type of vibrations it will attract to you and make wise decision. Hence having a Vaastu analysis before you buy it is extremely valuable & beneficial.
Initial report will indicate positive and negative placement of the site, strength of the site and recommendation on buying.

Detailed Planning and Layout

Rs 6 per sq.ft. (or Fixed fee depending upon area)

We provide you with a comprehensive report and layout that is easy to read and follow. This will include recommendations that are easy to implement. Report will be sent to you by e-mail or courier (charges extra). We provide Whatsapp/Email or Call Support (Appointment Basis) for any queries and modification in layout.

Online Consultancy – Whatsapp, Email or Telephonic

Rs 2500/- onwards

We recognize that the cost of travel can be prohibitive if the property is located in a city or country far away. You can mail or fax us a scan copy of floor plan of your site for a quick vaastu opinion & consultation. You can also send Video or Photos of view of the site, to get a more accurate Vaastu reading for your location.
We will assist you after consultation if you have any queries in relation to the property you have consulted. We always encourage you to stay in touch after the consultation and always ask if there is anything you are unsure about. Detailed layout charges are extra.

Site Visit and Consultancy

Rs 5000/- onwards

With the advent of the digital scanning, digital photography & the Internet, it is now possible to provide Vaastu Consultations online. However we recognize that it may sometimes become difficult to examine each & every aspect in greater depth or in complex structure. Thorough assessment of the Internal as well external environment of the property which involves taking accurate compass measurements , analysing shape and size of the property & much more. Our Vaastu consultant may advise you in case an Onsite visit is required after scrutiny of your layout or floor plan. Detailed layout charges are extra.

Fixed or Lump sum Fee as per Size and Scope

This will include Site Visit and examination, On site suggestions, report containing the plans, calculations, notes, recommendations etc, advise you on enhancements, changes to the building & its surroundings etc and after service support)
Eg. large industries, complex building, Showrooms, Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Recreation Clubs.

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