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Our Company

We are a young company providing consulting services with entrepreneurial spirit and determination.

Genie Alliance was created in 2016 by a group of qualified experienced professional entrepreneurs, but our business is built on the principles and foundations laid after years of thoughts inspired by ideas & philosophy to deliver unparalleled customer care globally. We connect you to a comprehensive selection of services at a single point with our team of best and experienced professionals creating sustainable value for all users. We partner to accelerate the growth of businesses & provide high-quality service to our clients.

Genie Alliance follows H.W.H. consultancy (Health. Wealth. Happiness.)

We understand how important core beliefs are when building a strong company vision , culture and identity. That’s why we,as a collaborative strength, hold ourselves to deliver these three core commitments.

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H.W.H. (Health Wealth Happiness.)

We as a brand inspire people to focus on the betterment of their Health, Wealth and Happiness. Our collaborative high level services together support and deliver real solutions to achieve this.



We aim to align people to their health goals of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing by our services and pursue a better quality of life. How ?

You don’t have to struggle to be healthy, we connect you to Homeopathy Doctors to boost the natural ability of our body to heal. Travel leads to stress reduction and can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Space affects wellness, so consult Vaastu advisor as the energy generated in the environment you live will define the energy you build in you and your mind. Leave your business worries on us and ensure mental wellbeing by taking our professionals on board.



We help to create Wealth by motivating people to harness the potential strengths, overlooked in our complicated lives. How ?

Get Vaastu tips to gain prosperity and ensure financial success through best ways and from each corner of the home & business place. We provide Professional and Advisory service for all your personal & professional growth strategies and reach higher heights. Consult us for Digital transformation of your business to grow exponentially. Give your place an aesthetic feel by taking advice from Interior Designing consultants. Our services have a motivational push for entrepreneurs to strive for greatness.



Happiness is an inside job and we do it well by helping you do- what you love to do and achieve contentment by delivering the highest quality service. How ?

Formula is Health + Wealth = Happiness and we cover the extra mile letting you celebrate your happiness with our Event Management services. Going on vacation keeps a smile on our face, before, during and long after departure. As it turns out, health does appear to be connected to happiness and we try to give you some control over it. Attract positive energy at your home & workplace by being Vaastu compliant and live in a comfortable designed space as it influences how we feel. Your other problems can be solved with expert professional’s help.

Our Philosophy

We build careful alliances based on integrity and trust with all our stakeholders to ensure mutual long-term sucshort-term gains.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with careful personal attention and high level quality services and healthcare advice , through our commonplace in a more timely, efficient and in an innovative way by a collaborative team of experts who clearly enjoys working hard and together to deliver our core commitments.

Our Vision

To be the most innovative global company and provide reliable unmatched solutions to all our Key stakeholders, through a relentless focus on creating sustained values i.e. Health , Wealth & Happiness for our future community. To continuously provide opportunity and accelerate growt businesses having the aligned vision.

Our Team

Our team is growing everyday and our leadership is focused on empowering all our partners to drive long-term success. Genie Alliance started by a group of experienced qualified professionals & service experts who believe all are equal in our organisation and is deeply focused on building a culture of empathy, empathy leads to trust, and trust allows teams to brainstorm, engage and discuss ideas in a positive environment to develop solutions.

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